Del Toro is proud to celebrate mothers in our community who inspire us everyday. Each mother has built an incredible business and we encourage our community to learn a little bit about each. Join the conversations and get to know our mother-daughter duo, Vinnie and Sara Cann (Founders - Birdie's Batch).

Del Toro: What are your thoughts on Mother’s Day?

Vinnie Cann: Never liked the idea of Mother’s Day, if you’re forced to be nice to your mom one day of the year it’s not very meaningful.  When you're a mom, everyday is mother’s day, good or bad so you can say I celebrate everyday being  a mom.

DT: Favorite memory of your mom?

VC: I grew up in a very Italian family where women gathered in the kitchen, argued, laughed, cooked, cleaned vegetables and tended kids….my favorite memories are those moments, listening to my grandmothers talk about stories from their past, their struggles, their memories, their challenges as mothers. Reflecting on those memories I realize that that foundation of community, sisterhood, shared experiences and bonding made me a strong, proud and dedicated mother and I hope I have passed that along to my daughters as well.

DT: Any advice for moms?

VC: There is no job more rewarding than being a mom, but my advice is go for it not only for yourself but to show your strength and determination to your kids.

DT: As an entrepreneur, we imagine that the lines between work and family time are even more blurred - do you have a secret sauce to balancing family and work?

Sara Cann: As a mom, your time is tight to begin with. When you start your own business, it feels like every minute you're either thinking about your kids or strategizing growth plans for your other baby--your business. I started Birdie's Batch after working in the restaurant industry for seven years as a director of food operations where I barely made it home before 8 pm. When I started my own business, I became my own boss and built in time for my family and myself. Now, I've created a schedule that is family friendly. Every night we eat dinner together; in the mornings we do Zumba; on the weekends when we're not at market, we go for a walk. The best run businesses are ones that have leaders that understand that everyone needs balance in his/her life.

DT: Any words of advice to Moms out there that are contemplating starting their own businesses? 

SC: Whatever you build, make sure you're passionate about it. If people can feel your energy and you can inspire people to get excited about an idea, you'll see natural growth.


Birdie’s Batch, LLC, is a mother-daughter duo making classic baked goods and preserves from local ingredients. It was formed in June 2020 after what seemed like endless months of baking to combat COVID stress (and quarantine!). The team thought if their families found comfort in their old-fashioned treats like ginger snaps, coffee cake, pumpkin bread, and mega chocolate chip cookies, perhaps others in their community would too. Thus, Birdie’s Batch was formed to whip up batches of homemade goodness to share with the community.