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Italian Velvet Slippers for Men

Our velvet slippers are what started it all at Del Toro. Whether you’re wearing them to a wedding, to work, or any other occasion where you want to look your best, you cannot go wrong with a pair of luxury handmade slippers by Del Toro. 

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Step Out In Style & Comfort In Our Handmade Italian Velvet Slippers For Men

Our team in Italy develops the finest Italian velvet slippers for men on the market - slippers that offer comfort, charisma, and personality.

We take pride in the high quality and the personality of our beautiful shoes. Beyond that, we love working with you to help you easily customize your pair. You’ll be able to step out of the house in style and comfort, with a truly one-of-one pair of handmade Italian Velvet slippers.

Why Buy Italian Handmade Slippers For Men At Del Toro?

Del Toro handmade Italian slippers will become your most complimented pair - and you’ll love them just as much on the 100th wear as the first wear. Why is that? Simple - we go above and beyond in craftsmanship, materials, personalization capabilities, and customer service.

Quality, Comfort, Style

These handmade slippers are handcrafted in Italy. They’re as authentic a men’s Italian slipper as you’ll find. With an extraordinary quality leather sole and lining, these are sure to stand the test of time. They’ll be your daily driver for years to come.

And, that’s not just because they’re so high quality. They’re exceptionally comfortable, fitting exactly how you’d expect a luxury, handmade slipper to fit. The cushioned footbed features a suede heel cup. Plus, there is a rubber injected forefoot to add traction and durability.

Personalize Your Handmade Slippers To Truly Be One-of-One

We’ve sourced the most beautiful curation of colors possible, so you can find the perfect pair (or pairs) for your next event. But what’s really special is the customization you can add to these men’s Italian Velvet slippers. 

You can personalize the heel or bottom sole, with text placement on either the inside or outside of the shoe. Pick between customizing one shoe or both, and then you’ll be able to select a unique font that best suits you. From there, just add the text you want, and we’ll get to work crafting your handmade slippers to perfection. Or you can send us an email at and we’ll partner with you every step of the way. The ease of customizing makes our shoes the perfect and most memorable gift for your wedding party, a loved one, or just to celebrate yourself.

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