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Italian Velvet Slippers for Women

Italian Velvet Slippers for Women

Plush perfection: Soft velvet enhances our exquisite women's slippers, designed to feel as good as they look.


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Save $255.00Women's Black Velvet Slipper IIWomen's Black Velvet Slipper II
Women's Black Velvet Slipper II Sale price$170.00 Regular price$425.00
Save $255.00Women's Slippers - Women's Navy Velvet SlipperWomen's Slippers - Women's Navy Velvet Slipper
Women's Navy Velvet Slipper Sale price$170.00 Regular price$425.00
Save $255.00Women’s Pony Hair Leopard Slipper IIWomen’s Pony Hair Leopard Slipper II
Women’s Pony Hair Leopard Slipper II Sale price$170.00 Regular price$425.00
Save $255.00Women's Slippers - Women's Navy Velvet Gold & Silver Star SlipperWomen's Slippers - Women's Navy Velvet Gold & Silver Star Slipper
Women's Navy Velvet Gold & Silver Star Slipper Sale price$170.00 Regular price$425.00
Women's Tennis Ball Felt SlipperWomen's Tennis Ball Felt Slipper
Women's Benihana Hat Velvet Slipper IIWomen's Benihana Hat Velvet Slipper II
Women's Benihana Red Flower Velvet Slipper IIWomen's Benihana Red Flower Velvet Slipper II

Comfortable, Stylish Italian Velvet Slippers For Women That You Won’t Want To Take Off

Striking a balance between appearance and comfort is tough, especially when it comes to footwear. Usually, you’ll have to compromise on one or the other - but not at Del Toro.

We believe you should get the best of both worlds. And, we’ve worked hard to make this vision a reality. After years of research and development in our Italian factory, we’re confident we’ve built the finest Italian velvet slippers for women online and throughout the entire footwear industry. You don’t just have to take our word for it, either. Our customers claim these are the most complimented shoe in their closet - the ones they go back to time after time. And, they’ve earned endorsement from GQ, Vogue, Esquire, Forbes, Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Robb Report, and more.

These slippers are not just stylish and comfortable, though. They’re also versatile. You can wear them on any occasion. Whether you’ve got a date night coming up or a wedding to attend, these slippers are an exceptional choice. They even work great for the boardroom, the office, or when you make a trip to your favorite outlets. There is never a bad time to wear Del Toro women’s Italian velvet slippers.

How We Struck A Balance Of Comfort & Style

How did we create a slipper that looks as good as it feels? It wasn’t easy. But in the pursuit of perfection, we relied on the best materials possible and paid close attention to the details. These slippers are handmade from quality velvet with a leather sole and lining. They’re finished off with a wooden heel, trims, and patterns to bring them to life. This results in shoes that help you show off your charisma and personality.

Unlike most other slippers on the market, these will meld to your foot with each wear. You’ll find that the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become. As such, you’ll end up loving them more on your 100th wear than you did on your first. And trust us - they’ll still maintain their stunning look over that timeframe. The durability of our slippers is second to none.

Create Your Very Own Personalized Slippers

Want to personalize your slippers for an upcoming event or wedding? It’s easier than you could ever imagine. If you want us to help guide you through the process, email and we’ll get the ball rolling. Or, head over to the product page of the slippers you have your eye on. Then, click the customize button. You can add your own text to the interior or exterior of your heel. 

For just $40 and in less than one week, you will have your very own personalized slippers. These are great last-minute gifts.

Find All Your Footwear Needs At Del Toro

Along with these slippers, you’ll find a full catalog of accessories to help you complete the look - such as socks, belts, suspenders, ties, and more. We also have a full range of other types of women’s Italian shoes, including:

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Velvet slippers for women

Looking for men’s footwear? Our handmade Italian velvet slippers for men offer the same comfort and style that these women’s slippers do. Or, take a peek at our handmade Italian loafers, men’s wedding shoes, and other collections. Take a look at all the different handcrafted Italian shoes we offer and find your next pair(s).