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Article: What are the Best Velvet Slippers?

What are the Best Velvet Slippers?

What are the Best Velvet Slippers?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into a setting in stunning velvet slippers. Their sleek silhouette catches eyes and commands attention. The best part? This type of footwear is ultra comfortable, too!

But not all slippers are created equal. If you’re looking to add this style to your wardrobe, you need to do your due diligence and make sure you’re getting the best velvet slippers for the money. 

We’re here to help you shop with confidence by highlighting what separates the best from the rest so you know what to look for. This buyer’s guide is your key to unlocking sophistication in every stride. 

Want to skip to the good part and just get your hands on the best velvet smoking slippers? Look no further than Del Toro. With nearly two decades of experience crafting the finest velvet slippers the world has to offer, you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality footwear that elevates your style while keeping you comfy. 

Discover the Del Toro difference today!

Why We Love Velvet Slippers

Adding velvet slippers to your wardrobe is a must, whether you’ve got a special event coming up or just want to step out in style every once in a while. These are the epitome of sophistication and comfort, blending the opulence of traditional luxury with modern versatility. 

The plush velvet material is not only visually appealing but also offers a soft, enveloping feel, making them a preferred choice for those who value comfort without compromising on style.

These can be paired with a sharp tuxedo or dressed down with casual wear. The versatility of velvet slippers is yet another reason to make them a part of your regular footwear rotation.

Further to that point, you can find these slippers in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to coordinate with your most commonly worn outfits. 

They also can be found with or without embellishments. From deep blues and classic blacks to ornate embroideries and bold motifs, there is truly something for everyone. That being said, what separates the best from the rest?

What Separates the Best Velvet Slippers From the Rest?

Of all the different handmade Italian shoes you have at your disposal, this style is perhaps the most captivating. They’re timeless yet modern, and it’s clear that you need a pair in your wardrobe. 

But what should you look for when shopping to ensure you’re getting the best velvet slippers available? From materials and craftsmanship to design, durability, and value - here are the most important criteria when shopping.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Whether we’re discussing the best Italian dress shoes for men, the best Italian sneakers brands, or the best velvet smoking slippers - materials and craftsmanship are the most important considerations. This influences the style, comfort, and longevity of your shoes.

High-quality velvet sets the foundation for a slipper that not only looks sumptuous but feels exceptionally soft to the touch. The velvet typically comes from silk or a silk blend, providing a lustrous sheen and deep, rich hues that synthetic materials cannot replicate. It should be sourced from a reputable fabric mill.

Bringing these materials to life in the form of a stunning slipper requires meticulous attention to detail and exceptional skill. You should ensure the slippers you’re buying are handmade by artisans who have perfected their craft.

Traditional techniques like hand-cutting and sewing ensure that every contour is precisely shaped and each stitch is perfectly placed. It’s the little things that make these slippers stand out, after all. But these details also elevate your comfort and the durability of your slippers - so take your time to research how they’re made! 

Design and Aesthetics

Of course, you want slippers that command attention when you enter a room or outdoor venue. The design and aesthetics side of things is somewhat subjective, as what looks best to you may not align with another person’s vision of style.

That being said, there are a few different routes you can take here. Traditional designs focus on clean lines and classic shapes. More modern looks will incorporate unique elements such as custom embroidery, hand-painted motifs, or subtle embellishments like monograms or crests.

These personalized touches not only make the slippers more exclusive but also allow wearers to express individual style preferences.

You should also take note of the depth of color achieved through high-quality dye processes. This is what gives these slippers their luxurious appearance, making them suitable for both formal and casual settings. 

Moreover, the way velvet interacts with light adds a dynamic quality to the footwear, with the fabric’s nap offering slight variations in tone that catch the eye. You should be able to get a sense of this through high-quality images provided by any brand you’re considering buying from.


We spoke about this a bit earlier in talking about the role of materials and craftsmanship, but you want to feel confident knowing that you’re getting footwear designed to stand the test of time.

Reinforcements in high-stress areas, quality insoles, and durable outsoles are key features that extend the life of the slippers, ensuring they remain a wardrobe staple for years to come despite frequent wear.

Some of this will come down to how you care for your shoes, of course. We have tips on how to protect velvet shoes in our blog along with how to care for leather shoes and how to clean loafers if you want to round out your maintenance regimen for other styles.


You may assume that given the sophisticated nature of this footwear style, it’s only suitable for high-end occasions - but that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, you can find very versatile slippers that transcend the traditional boundaries of men’s formal wear. 

When shopping for your shoes take a step back and envision all the different scenarios in which you could see yourself wearing the shoes. The right style will pair equally well with jeans and a blazer as they do with a bespoke suit. 

Value for the Money

While high-quality velvet slippers will certainly cost you a pretty penny, you shouldn’t look at the price in isolation. After all, you typically get what you pay for when it comes to high-fashion footwear. Instead, focus on value for the money.

Consider the longevity, versatility, and timeless style they provide, and in this sense, high-quality velvet slippers represent a wise purchase. 

Other Considerations

On top of all this, you should consider other factors like the brand’s customer service, real user reviews, customization capabilities, shipping policies, and more. 

There’s clearly a lot that goes into choosing the best velvet slippers, and we recognize that it can get overwhelming. The good news? You can rest assured you’re getting the quality you deserve when you shop here at Del Toro!

What are the Best Velvet Slippers?


So, where can you find high-quality velvet slippers that style with comfort? Your search ends here at Del Toro. 

We’re the premier provider of Italian shoes for men and Italian shoes for women alike, and our velvet slippers are actually what started it all back in 2006. 

Find out what makes them the #1 choice below and discover your new favorite footwear today!

What Makes Del Toro’s Velvet Slippers the #1 Choice?

From our men’s to women’s velvet slippers and throughout the rest of our catalog for that matter, we merge traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. 

Each pair is handcrafted in the heart of Italy using the time-honored traditions of Italian shoemaking. Our skilled artisans are among the best in the world at what they do, and they cut, sculpt, and paint each slipper by hand. 

Our velvet slippers feature the finest materials sourced from across Europe, ensuring not only a stunning appearance but also durability that lasts. The plush velvet used in these slippers is carefully selected to provide both visual appeal and longevity, making them a staple in any discerning gentleman's wardrobe. 

These slippers are available in a rich palette of colors including classic black, deep merlot, elegant navy, soft cream, vibrant baby blue, warm brown, and lush green. There’s a shade to suit every style and occasion.

And if you want something extra special, we make it easier than ever to personalize your slippers too. Whether you are looking for the best wedding shoes for men or simply want to put your own touch on these shoes, you can add text or a monogram to the vamp, heel, or bottom sole. Choose from an array of positions and fonts to make them your own.

You’ll love these as much on the first wear as you will the hundredth wear. They’re designed with your comfort in mind with a “lived-in” feel from the very first time you slip them on. This makes them perfect for settings where you’ll be in the shoes for extended periods, be it a wedding, a gala, the workday, or anything in between.

We’re confident you’ll agree these are the best velvet slippers on the market. But, don’t just take our word for it - see what others had to say about our slippers:

See What Others Had to Say…

“Our favorite slipper brand? Del Toro, made in Italy.” - GQ

“The ultimate luxury slippers brand.” - Elle

“Great for comfort and makes an ensemble look less stiff.” - Vogue

Some of Our Favorite Styles

At Del Toro, you’ll discover a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from - here are some of our most popular colorways:

Beyond our flagship styles, you can browse our popular Skull & Bone Slippers for a bold edge to your look. We also have unique Benihana Hat Velvet Slippers and Benihana Red Flower Velvet Slippers. Just take a look at the full collection and see what catches your eye!

Other Luxury Footwear Worth Considering 

We know you came here looking for the best velvet tuxedo slippers…but that’s just the tip of the Del Toro iceberg. 

We’re proud to present a full lineup of all the Italian shoes you could ever need - from different types of loafers in a wide variety of loafer colors to men’s luxury slippers for around the house, chukka sneakers, and more.

So, browse our catalog and see what catches your eye. You can also learn more about how to wear smoking slippers, when to wear velvet slippers, how to style loafers, when to wear loafers, how to wear loafers with jeans, how to wear loafers with shorts, converting your Italian shoe sizes to US, and more in our blog to make the most of your footwear.

In the meantime, here are a few other noteworthy brands that sell high-quality velvet tuxedo slippers.

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones crafts its Albert Slipper with a nod to timeless elegance, emphasizing handcrafted detail and tradition. 

These slippers blend historic craftsmanship with modern luxury, known for their exceptional embroidery, particularly the “Gold Work” technique which uses fine gold or silver wire to create intricate designs.

They feature lightweight, flexible soles designed primarily for indoor use, with options for customization ranging from colors and linings to personal crests. The quality of materials and craftsmanship sets them apart in the luxury footwear market.

Bown of London USA

Bown of London USA delivers personalized comfort and opulence in their collection of velvet custom slippers. Each pair is handcrafted with premium velvet and offers options for customization to reflect individual styles and personalities. 

You gain access to a variety of vibrant color choices and luxurious leather linings that enhance breathability and comfort. Bown of London's slippers are priced competitively, making luxury more accessible. 

These are ideal if you’re seeking distinctive elegance with a personal touch, whether for home use or social events. The non-slip rubber heels add a practical aspect to the plush design.

That being said, you tend to get what you pay for as we mentioned earlier - these are a fraction of the price compared to Del Toro and Crockett & Jones, begging the questions of whether they’re built to last and how comfortable they’ll be.

Hall Madden

Hall Madden’s reputation is built on its commitment to quality and precise customization. The company partners with Italy’s finest factories and fabric mills to offer an extensive range of bespoke menswear, from wedding tuxedos to casual denim. 

Hall Madden’s approach is to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern tailoring techniques to ensure a perfect fit, accounting for individual posture and body specifics. 

Their focus on the objective and subjective aspects of fit highlights their dedication to creating garments that not only look impeccable but also feel uniquely tailored to each customer’s style and need.

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Best Velvet Tuxedo Slippers

We hope this guide to the best velvet slippers leaves you with a clear understanding of not just what you should consider when shopping, but why our selection here at Del Toro is the #1 choice online.

Our slippers are handmade in Italy using the finest materials with unparalleled attention to detail, ensuring a stunning work of art every time. They’re available in a diverse palette of colors and customizable with unique engravings - what more could you ask for? 

From fancy loafers to comfortable loafers, tuxedo shoes, Italian dress shoes, men’s wedding shoes, and much, much more - Del Toro has it all. You can formulate a well-rounded wardrobe just through our catalog alone!

So, embrace the luxury and comfort that come with owning a pair of Del Toro’s velvet slippers, and elevate your formal attire to new heights today. The best velvet tuxedo slippers are just a few clicks away!

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