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Italian House Slippers For Men

Del Toro took the same high-quality materials and attention to detail of its bestselling Black Velvet Slipper but applied it to a House Slipper. The result is a luxurious and comfortable house slipper to wear all day around the home. 

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Comfortable, Stunning Men’s Italian House Slippers

If you’re working from home, you can still dress to impress - while remaining comfortable and cozy in these men’s Italian house slippers. They’re great for lounging around because they combine the cornerstones of easy-going luxury in the home: comfort and quality. 

Make your morning commute around the home special. Waltzing from the bedroom to the coffee maker, and then to the home office will never be the same.

Why Our Men’s Italian House Slippers Are So Special

These aren’t just any slippers. If you’ve never experienced the look and feel of handmade, luxury slippers, you’re in for a treat. These are crafted by hand in Italy using the same attention to detail and expert craftsmanship as our men’s Italian velvet slippers

And, we use the same level of quality materials. This ensures the most comfortable fit possible while maintaining a stunning appearance. And with all the different options to choose from, the perfect pair is here waiting for you to discover it.

Unparalleled Attention To Detail & Quality Materials

Across our entire catalog, you’ll encounter expertly crafted footwear. These slippers are no exception. Our craftsmen are the best in the world, paying unparalleled attention to the details. This allows us to produce footwear that lasts for years and years, feeling and looking as good as the first time you slipped them on.

This craftsmanship is combined with quality materials. You’ll find soft Italian Napa leather on the interior. On the exterior, you’ll find either our famous Italian velvet fabric or the same quality Napa leather - depending on which pair you go with. One thing remains consistent across all these slippers, though - they look incredible, and they feel even better.

Want To Personalize Your Men's Italian House Slippers?

To truly make these house slippers your own, we offer simple personalization. You can add a custom monogram or text to the footbed of these slippers. Add your name, nickname, inside joke, your family crest, a logo - whatever you like. Simply find the pair you’d like to customize and get the process started by clicking “personalize” on the product page. 

From there, you can bring your vision to life with just a few clicks. It costs just $40, and results in a customized slipper you’ll cherish for years. And if you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out at and we’ll partner with you every step of the way.

Looking For More Formal Types Of Italian Footwear?

Across our catalog, you’ll find all sorts of other incredible choices that feature the same look and feel. Here are some of our most popular offerings:

What are you waiting for? Shop the finest Italian shoes online today and start stepping in confidence, comfort, and style. You deserve it.