From fashion-forward celebrities to savvy businessmen and businesswomen, loafers have made their mark as a versatile and timeless footwear choice. Their ability to seamlessly fit into almost any outfit is as impressive as the variety of styles in which they come. 

Whether you’re wondering when to wear penny loafers, when to wear suede loafers, when to wear driving loafers, or even when to wear tassel loafers, one thing is certain - there's hardly a wrong time or place for this stylish staple

That being said, if you aren’t certain about when to wear loafers and when to opt for a different type of shoe, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Del Toro, we’ll guide you through the best settings and occasions for loafers. You’ll also gain insights on how to style them to put your best foot forward when you step outside.

We’re proud to craft some of the finest, hand-made Italian loafers that effortlessly boost your style game, no matter the occasion. So if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and enhance your style, be sure to check out the best loafers in our catalog after reading this guide. 

For now, though, let’s get this conversation underway with a brief introduction to loafers.

A Brief Introduction to Loafers

Originating from Europe, the loafer started its journey as a casual house slipper for the Scandinavian elite. The history of penny loafers can be traced back hundreds of years. Since then, this humble shoe has evolved into a globally recognized symbol of laid-back elegance. 

And, there are so many different types of loafers on the market in this day and age - furthering the versatility that makes this shoe so special. Whether you're a fan of the classic penny loafer, the luxurious feel of suede loafers, the casual flair of driving loafers, or the unique touch of tassel loafers, there's a style for everyone.

When it comes to a shoe that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, few can compete with the loafer. They’re the go-to footwear for any fashion enthusiast, thanks to their adaptability to dressy or casual outfits. 

Plus, they’re the ultimate solution to the age-old dilemma of looking effortlessly chic without sacrificing comfort. So, when do you wear loafers? The answer is simple: they're a fantastic choice almost any time. That being said, let’s get into what you came here for - discussing when to wear loafers.

When to Wear Loafers: 5 Settings and Occasions They Work Exceptionally Well In

As we said at the start of this conversation, we strongly believe that no settings or occasions are off-limits as far as when to wear loafers. That being said, there are 5 distinct types of events and settings we feel they work exceptionally well in.

Business Casual Environments

So many individuals ask us - are loafers business casual? The answer is a resounding yes - but as you’ll discover below, these types of settings are just the tip of the iceberg.

That being said, you can always fall back on a polished pair of penny loafers when heading to an office with a business casual dress code. 

Their sleek design combined with an undeniable charm makes for a smart addition to chinos or dark-washed jeans, paired with a crisp button-down shirt. 

For ladies, a tailored trouser suit or a knee-length pencil skirt, paired with a pair of classic loafers, creates a look of relaxed sophistication. 

The ease of slipping them on and off adds convenience to your busy mornings. In these environments, loafers are not just a style statement but a wise wardrobe investment.

Casual Outings and Social Events

When pondering when to wear loafers in a casual setting, think of weekend brunches, art gallery visits, or simply running errands. Suede loafers, with their soft texture and laid-back vibe, pair well with anything from jeans to shorts and add an easy elegance to your outfit. 

Loafers can be your best style ally, providing a put-together look without appearing overly formal. Just be sure to dress the look down and let your loafers do the talking!

Date Nights and Dinners Out

Not sure what footwear to flaunt for a date night or a dinner out? Look no further than your trusty loafers. As you step into the restaurant or venue, all eyes will draw towards your sophisticated footwear selection.

When you're looking to create a memorable impression, driving loafers could be your perfect match. They balance the line between formal and casual with impeccable ease. For an elevated touch, ladies could opt for a heeled loafer with a silk blouse and high-waisted pants or a midi dress.

Weddings and Formal Events

We see so many men wonder what shoes to wear to a wedding - whether as the groom or a guest. While there are countless options, we feel the best wedding shoes for men are loafers. In fact, we’re proud to offer a full collection of wedding shoes for men right here at Del Toro.

A gleaming pair of tassel loafers can be the ideal complement to a sharp suit or a formal dress. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit clean and sophisticated, letting your shoes make the statement. 

We have a detailed guide on how to choose men’s wedding shoes if you’d like to learn more. You can also learn about how to break in wedding shoes to ensure you feel as good as you look on the big day. But for now, let’s take a look at one more great occasion for wearing loafers below.

Traveling in Style: Why Loafers are the Perfect Travel Shoe

Travel days call for comfort, but that doesn't mean compromising on style. After all, you want to leave an impression anytime you’re going somewhere new. 

And as we’ve stated before, loafers offer a unique blend of fashion and comfort - making them a practical yet stylish solution for navigating airport terminals or exploring new cities

They slip on and off easily at security checkpoints and provide comfort for those long walks down unfamiliar streets. Plus, they're versatile enough to go from sightseeing during the day to a fancy dinner at night, saving precious space in your luggage.

When Not to Wear Loafers

Loafers are, without a doubt, one of the most versatile footwear options in your wardrobe. From dressing up for business casual environments to keeping it stylish on your travel days, there's hardly a time when loafers wouldn't fit the bill. 

Whether it's penny loafers, suede loafers, driving loafers, or tassel loafers, owning a quality pair from Del Toro opens up a world of stylish possibilities. But now that you know when to wear loafers, are there any settings they should be avoided? 

Extreme Outdoor Activities

While loafers are versatile and can suit many occasions, they may not be the optimal choice for extreme outdoor activities. If you're going hiking, running, or partaking in a rugged sport, you'll likely need footwear that provides the specific support, grip, and durability these activities demand. 

Loafers, especially those made of fine leather or suede, might not hold up under such demanding conditions, and you wouldn't want to risk damaging your beautiful pair of Del Toro shoes! 

If you do, though, don’t sweat it - we have a detailed guide on how to clean loafers. You can also learn how to clean velvet shoes or how to clean leather shoes specifically if you’d like. For now, though, let’s talk about settings where the dress code may specifically call for something else.

Settings Where They Don’t Meet a Strict Dress Code

Certain events and locations uphold a strict dress code, requiring specific types of footwear. For example, black-tie events usually necessitate patent leather oxford shoes for men, while women might be expected to wear high-heeled footwear. 

While loafers can indeed be elegant, they might not meet the stringent requirements of such formal events. Always check the dress code beforehand to ensure your loafers are the right choice. 

If you want to make sure you never have to leave home without Del Toro, have our men’s velvet slippers or women’s velvet slippers in your wardrobe as backups!

When You Want to Try Something Different

Despite the versatility and timeless style of loafers, there might be times when you want to explore different styles and trends in footwear. If you're aiming for an edgy, urban look, you might opt for high-top sneakers or chunky boots instead. 

Alternatively, a beach holiday might call for flip-flops or sandals. It's good to have a variety of footwear options to cater to your evolving style needs and mood. At Del Toro, we can empower you to keep your style game fresh and fun with other selections - like our Italian sneakers for men or Italian sneakers for women.

More Advice on Wearing Loafers to Express Your Style and Score Compliments

Loafers are more than just footwear - they are a canvas that paints a picture of your style, taste, and personality. Hence, choosing the right pair of loafers and wearing them with panache can truly elevate your style quotient. Before we wrap up this conversation on when to wear loafers, allow us to offer a few parting tips on style.

Choosing the Right Loafers for Your Outfit

Not all loafers are created equal. Each style brings a unique flavor and statement to an outfit. From penny loafers and suede loafers to tassel loafers and driving loafers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to variety. When selecting the type of loafer to wear, always consider the occasion, the rest of your outfit, and the look you want to achieve. 

Penny loafers, for instance, offer a more traditional and sophisticated look, perfect for business casual settings. On the other hand, suede loafers can bring a touch of relaxed elegance to your casual outings. Similarly, tassel loafers add a bit of playfulness, while driving loafers signal comfort and practicality.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we have created lists of the best spring loafers, the best summer loafers, and the best fall loafers in our blog - helping you filter your search by season. 

That being said, we encourage you to have at least one of each of the most popular styles in your wardrobe so you’re ready for whatever occasion comes your way. 

How to Pair Loafers With Different Types of Outfits

Loafers are a powerhouse of versatility and can effortlessly sync with various outfit types. Pair them with chinos or khakis for a polished yet casual look, or team them with tailored suits to bring in a more relaxed vibe to formal wear. 

Ladies can couple loafers with midi dresses, high-waist jeans, or even tailored shorts for a chic and trendy look. Remember, it's not just about the clothes; it's about creating a coherent style story.

For more inspiration, check out our complete guide on how to style loafers for women and men alike. You can learn about how to wear loafers with jeans for ladies or men, wearing loafers with a tux, wearing loafers with a suit, and more. But now, let’s look at one most critical style considerations for wearing this type of shoe: socks or no socks?

Sock or No Socks? Solving the Loafer Style Dilemma

The debate of wearing socks with loafers is well-known in fashion circles. At Del Toro, we advocate for socks. They offer a layer of protection between your shoe and skin, eliminating discomfort and blisters during the breaking-in period. 

Additionally, they absorb sweat, mitigating foot odor, and preserving your loafers. Plus, socks allow another opportunity to showcase your personal style. 

That being said, there is no hard and fast rule here. If you’re trying to avoid wearing socks with loafers, just be sure to clean them regularly and follow the advice we lay out in our guide.

Experience the Ultimate in Loafer Craftsmanship and Design at Del Toro

At Del Toro, we believe in the transformative power of a pair of beautifully handcrafted loafers. Our collection of handmade Italian shoes offers something for every discerning gentleman and lady. 

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If you’re stressing about converting the Italy shoe size to US or are uncertain about how loafers should fit, you’re in luck. Not only are our shoes stunning and comfortable, but they run fairly true to size. We have a simple size chart to help you get the perfect size the first time around.

With that said, why not take a look at our selection of men’s Italian loafers or women’s Italian loafers and see what catches your eye? We’re confident you won’t leave empty-handed - discover your new favorite footwear today.

Parting Thoughts on When to Wear Loafers

Knowing when to wear loafers helps you master the art of footwear styling. Loafers, with their timeless charm and unrivaled versatility, can seamlessly transition from morning meetings to evening soirees, from business trips to weekend gateways. 

The world of loafers is vast and exciting, and the right pair is waiting for you at Del Toro, ready to step up your style game. The best Italian shoes are here to help you earn a reputation as a sophisticated, well-dressed man or woman.

So, whether you're dressing for a date night, gearing up for a business casual day at the office, or seeking comfortable yet chic travel footwear, loafers can be your go-to choice. 

And remember, there's never a wrong time to wear loafers. It's about choosing the right pair for the right occasion - and wearing them with confidence.