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Article: Meet Faith Brown

Meet Faith Brown

Meet Faith Brown

Welcome to The Rivista, a place where we highlight unique and creative members of the Del Toro community who inspire us.  Our July Rivista highlight is our friend, Faith Brown.

We met up with Faith near her Tribeca apartment and grabbed a spritz at one of her favorite spots, The Odeon. We talked about her writing, her ideal Saturday in New York, and the importance of flat shoes.

Read the full interview below and be sure to follow her instagram @notfaithbrown.


Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I’m a social media editor at a fashion magazine in New York City which means I run our Instagram and TikTok accounts and have a screen time average too absurd to say out loud. I also write occasionally when I find there’s a story that I desperately want to be the one to tell. 

How do you get dressed in the morning?

Very quickly. I spend the first ten minutes of my morning visualizing my closet and the day’s outfit from bed. That way when I get up, I know exactly which hanger I’m headed to. 

Any major shoe memories in your life from growing up?

Every little girl can remember the evenings they spent dancing around their mother’s closet in heels that were way too high and way too big. Luckily for me (and not so lucky for my mom) my shoe size caught up to hers by the time I was in the eighth grade. Which is to say that I have few shoe memories that belong solely to me but a million memories that we share, from the friday night trip to the mall to buy matching tall chocolate uggs, to the high school graduation shoes that she let me borrow, to the silver loafers I wore to work today that she still does not realize I stole from her closet.

Describe your ideal Saturday in NYC 

The perfect Saturday is a productive Saturday. If I can make it to pilates, stop at the cleaners, and return my packages before noon I feel like the President of the United States. I will never say no to a good lunch and an afternoon aperol spritz. I like to be home with absolutely nothing to do from 5 to 7 and then mobilize for a group dinner with friends around 8. A really exceptional Saturday ends with an hour of dancing and crawling into bed before midnight. 

How has living In New York and working on your feet on sets, events, etc impacted your style? What kind of shoes do you wear and travel with?

I am always in flats yet rarely in sneakers. This is not ideal when I’m running back and forth on set for seven hours, but there is that saying about beauty being pain and I never understood it until it came time for me to buy my own shoes. 

What excites you the most in the fashion industry right now?

People find media to be a scary place to work because so much is uncertain, but I actually find the limbo quite fascinating. I have no idea what will happen in five or ten years  and that’s what makes it so motivating and exciting. Fashion is the same way, I’ve never been big on trends, but I feel really proud to work in an industry that is always welcoming new talent, designs, and ideas for what the future can look like. 

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t stop writing in your diary. 

What’s a piece of work you’re the most proud of? Why is it special to you?

The first story I wrote for W Mag. I spoke to 7 Black women in the fashion industry about Valentine’s Day. I loved this story because I got to speak with so many women that I love about the people, places, and things that they love. 


All Photographs and Interview by Emma Greenebaum.  



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