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Article: Meet Cole Young

Meet Cole Young

Meet Cole Young

For this month’s Rivista, we caught up with one of golf’s coolest guys and brand owners, Cole Young.

When he's not polishing his game on the course or the range, he is creating golf product for Metalwood Studio. Del Toro was lucky enough to collaborate on product with Metalwood that is available now on our websiteRead the full interview below and be sure to follow his instagram @thick_owens. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself for the people who may not be familiar with you or Metalwood Studio.
My name is Cole Young. I am 29 years old and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I’m from San Diego and, while growing up, I loved all West Coast inspired things like skate/surf and the music that came with it. I started playing golf as soon as I could walk and that’s how I would spend time with my grandparents. My golf game started to take shape when I played in high school and I would go on to play Div. I Golf at Loyola Marymount University where I studied Marketing. My whole life, I went to school where you’d have to wear a uniform so, when I got to LMU, I had no idea how to dress myself. I became heavily influenced by street style and whatever was available to me after I moved to Los Angeles. After college, I worked in the apparel industry and in 2020, decided to put out some items of my own under the name, Metalwood Studio. In the beginning, we were a curated, used-shop for all things vintage golf—a love letter to the era of golf that I loved so much (late 90’s early 00’s) but with West Coast skate/surf tendencies. Now we create seasonal collections of our own cut/sewn garms, have a store on La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles and our products are sold in over 30 wholesale partner stores around the Globe.

How long have you known about Del Toro for? What sparked your interest in this recent collaboration?
A couple of years. Recently, I’ve noticed people consuming in different ways and I think some of it has to do with like, sneakerhead culture. They pine over the newest, covetable shoe and then they lock the shoes up in a box and never wear them—they don’t even really get to enjoy them. I’m more of a tools, not jewels guy. So, the thing I liked about Del Toro was this dgaf—ya, I’m wearing loafers, so-fucking-what? mission. I know how loafers fit into my personal style and definitely errs on the destructive, less-careful side of things… Loafers as sneakers or, whatever it is Nick says.

We saw you brought your Black Leather Milano’s with you on your most recent Europe trip, what was the most surprising thing about wearing them?
I mean they’re buttery, right? Have absolutely no problem wearing them (socks or sans socks) for an entire day ripping around town going to all of my appointments. But at the same time, they were my beach shoe. They were my cobblestone road shoe. Pretty versatile, considering.

If you could create a dream loafer with Del Toro, what would it look like?
Tough question considering all of the main-line shoes are already really good. I like smooth leather and tassels, though!

Which player(s) are you most excited to see compete in the Ryder Cup over in Rome?
Justin Thomas.

From a creative standpoint, of course, what most excites you about the trip to Italy... Creatively?
I have been trying the keto diet since I got home from New York. So, from a creative standpoint, I’m really trying to figure out how I can, creatively, eat all of the amazing food Italy has to offer without completely derailing. Creatively, of course.

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