As a small business, there is nothing we love more than connecting with other small brands. We are proud to announce that two brands we love are now available on our website. 

“It seemed like a natural progression to connect our community to other small businesses that we genuinely believe in and love. While we see a lot of beautiful product, we feel extra lucky when we find brands that we also share values with. Depius Toujours and Palermo House are two brands I am so excited to have on our website since our whole team already loved their products and brand.” - Andrew Roberts, CEO

When our Creative Director first showed us Depuis Toujours, we were all incredibly drawn to the brand for different reasons. While the simple yet thoughtful products speak for themselves, we loved learning more through the website about where Michael finds his inspiration. 

Born in Athens, Greece to Egyptian parents and with an international upbringing, Michael was exposed to various qualities and aesthetics, especially in Greece and Egypt, that stood the test of time. He started Depuis Toujours in 2019 as an ode to forever; to bring to life that nostalgia for past decades through reminiscent fabrics, silhouettes, and details and to celebrate the unique character and timeless beauty of things that age. 

“Being on Del Toro’s website was a perfect fit because our two brands share a love for and focus on quality, working with specialized manufacturers. There’s also a clear deep love and appreciation for velvet. Both of our brands are centered around accessories that leave room for personal styling and we both demonstrate a strong focus on styling within our own editorials.” - Michael Henein, Founder of Depuis Toujours

Same story goes for Palermo House. We all noticed something unique about these classic blankets and knew their products would fit perfectly in our various homes. We love that Palermo House is a family-owned business born in Argentina and based in Los Angeles and agree with their belief that the best things in your home are the ones made with creativity, love, and care.

Growing up Marco Ferro used to go back and visit his home country of Argentina and admire the different artisans he saw in Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires. The craftsmanship, materials, and textures resulted in beautiful products He wished they were available back in the US. 

“We are thrilled to have some of our products on Del Toro’s website because our brands align in the best way. The idea of passed down methods is a common thread. Everything we design looks perfect with the Del Toro house slipper. We both care deeply about our customer loving and living with (or in) our products and are looking forward to this collaboration.” - Marco Ferro, Co-Founder and CEO of Palermo House

Shop Depuis Toujours and Palermo House on our website now.