Spring is coming; it's that special time of year where you have to check the weather every single day to dress properly. We recommend wearing outfits that include multiple layers, and of course our Sardegna II Sneaker. This innovative take on our original Sardegna sneaker is enhanced with a sleek new design, additional cushion in the sole, and advanced waterproofing treatment to keep that new suede exterior crisp. Welcome to the Sardegna II Style Guide.

The perfect unexpected color scheme for March - May. Throw together some white jeans and a trench coat as the base while inviting in some hints of summer with a fun sweater, purse, and jewelry. Lastly, add our Black Sardegna to ground this angelic look.
Nothing beats the chunky sweater and big jeans combo made popular in the 90s, and we love this flick of Noel Gallagher for the easily imitable outfit he's sporting on the streets of London. When you decide to channel one of the Gallaghers or Cobain this spring, try doing so with our Black Suede Sardegna II — the monochrome look and updated sneaker sole will keep you stylishly strutting through Soho, be it NYC or LDN, all afternoon.
Oui oui, sometimes we all need to be Francophiles. Try pairing your perfect basics: the white tee, dark blue jeans, a perfect black belt with a beret for some added fun (and chicness). Don't forget your bucket bag and finish off with our practical, beautiful Baby Blue Sardegna IIs for some color. We love how this look can make even the dullest errands feel like a stroll through the park.
Everyone needs a sneaker that can be dressed up for an afternoon on the town with your significant other, and to that, we say, "we have you covered." Try our Royal Blue Suede Sardegna II with a simple white dress shirt, crazy parka, and some wide-leg chinos. It's a simple look you probably have in your closet already, and the water-resistant suede of our Sardegna II will work in tandem with your big boy parka to keep you feeling fresh and dry all season long.

Maybe you’re dying to see the new Batman, maybe you’re not, but either way, we can all admire how Zoe Kravitz styles vintage shirts. To get the most out of your vintage tee, we love pairing classic trousers and sleek accessories with our Off White Sardegna Sneakers II. This combination strikes the perfect off-duty model look and can take you from day to night every time.
Sneakers are made to be worn, beaten up, and run around in. Keeping that in mind, we also love this shot of JFK Jr. in black sweats, beat-up white sneakers, and a chunky knit. Since we already gave you an idea for big sweaters, we paired this shoe with a knit polo because cotton jersey, cashmere, and suede are a match made in heaven.