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Article: Do You Wear Socks With Loafers? Your Guide to Wearing Loafers With Socks

Do You Wear Socks With Loafers

Do You Wear Socks With Loafers? Your Guide to Wearing Loafers With Socks

Italian loafers are one of the most versatile types of footwear in the world.

You can wear loafers with a tuxedo out to a wedding or formal dinner one evening. The following morning, you can get coffee & brunch wearing loafers with jeans. Name another type of footwear that can be worn casually & formally - and look this good doing both! That's right - you can't.

But, one common concern men and women alike have when it comes to loafers is socks.

Can you wear socks with loafers? If so, when do you wear socks with loafers? What socks do you wear with loafers?

You've got questions, we've got answers. Yes, you can wear loafers with socks. However, you need to know how to wear loafers with socks to pull the look off and truly dress to impress. There are intricacies to wearing loafers with socks that you cannot overlook.

Fortunately, we're here to help. Below, you'll learn everything you need to know about how to wear loafers with socks. Let's get one thing out of the way first...can you wear socks with loafers?

Can You Wear Socks With Loafers?

Yes, you can wear socks with loafers. In fact, wearing loafers with socks is the preferred approach. This is one of the key distinctions between loafers vs slippers. With that said, some men and women will forego socks on occasion. Let's explore some of the reasons we prefer to wear our loafers with socks.

First and foremost, the socks you pair with your loafers add a bit of fun and flare to your look - and can tie the whole outfit together. In our article on how to style loafers for men and women, we discuss sock matching in-depth for this exact reason.

Moreover, wearing loafers with socks helps keep foot odors at bay. Moreover, it keeps your feet comfortable if you're going to be wearing your loafers all day long. With socks, you won't have material rubbing directly on your skin, which leads to blisters. And of course, socks help keep your feet warm during those cold winter months.

This also helps protect your loafers, though. As we discussed in our article on how to care for leather shoes, moisture from sweat can degrade the material rapidly. Keeping your loafers dry and sweat-free avoids this.

However, it's important to do so in an intentional and deliberate manner. When done incorrectly, it can lead to an awkward, unkempt look - and even ruin your entire ensemble. Don't sweat it - we're here to help you avoid all that.

In saying that, there are a few questions we need to address to help you pull this look off while feeling comfortable.

  1. When do you wear socks with loafers?
  2. What socks do you wear with loafers?

We'll dive into the first question below before teaching you what socks to wear with loafers.

When Do You Wear Socks With Loafers  - and When Should You Not?

So, when do you wear socks with loafers? For many, the answer is always.

Those who prefer to go with a sockless look every once in a while will typically do so in the warmer months so their feet can breathe. But, this creates a major issue that you may have you regretting your decision - as your feet will still get hot throughout the day, causing sweat and odors to build up in the shoe. With that said, there are ways you can minimize this. 

However, there are a few instances where - regardless of what feels more comfortable to you - you'll want to wear socks with your loafers. For example, if you are dressing formally - such as if you are out to a wedding or a formal dinner - you will want to wear socks with your loafers. This is an essential element of the look that must not be overlooked. No matter how sharp your suit is, no matter how polished your shoes are, wearing socks with loafers completes the entire ensemble.

If dressing casually, it really depends on the type of outfit you're wearing and the activities you plan to do during the day. Going on a walk through the city window shopping? Socks are ideal even if you're going casual - you want to avoid blisters and odor build-up, after all.

The short answer to - when do you wear socks with loafers - is whenever you want. Our advice? You should always wear socks with your loafers. With that out of the way, the question now turns to what loafers to wear with socks...

What Socks to Wear With Loafers

When it comes to choosing what socks to wear with loafers, consider your intended look. This is where you'll want to take your own personal style preferences into account. In general, though, the best socks to wear with loafers are thin to accommodate the narrow nature of these shoes - which we discussed in our article on Italian shoe sizing. 

The ideal materials include cotton, wool, and cashmere. They’re the perfect balance of thin and comfortable while still protecting your feet. But what about the style of the socks?

If you're looking to add a more modern, stylish flair to your look, you don't really want your socks to be seen. Thus, you should go with some plain no-show socks. This is becoming an increasingly popular look for men when sporting tapered dress pants. These will still protect your feet and keep odors at bay while offering that sleek style you're seeking.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a classic, traditional take to wearing loafers with socks, stick with a fine dress sock style. These should fall at the top of your calf or mid-calf. To keep your look as sharp as possible, opt for a pair of socks that match the color of your trousers - or at least are in the same color family.

If you want a specific recommendation for what socks to wear with loafers, you're in luck. Here at Del Toro, we offer an entire collection of accessories - including socks! Take a look and find a few pairs to add to your wardrobe.

Now - it's the moment you've been waiting for. We're going to actually explain how to wear loafers with socks below.

How to Wear Loafers With Socks: Expert Style Tips for Wearing Loafers With Socks

We've covered a lot of general information on wearing loafers with socks - and we're going to wrap this discussion up by offering expert insights into how to wear loafers with socks depending on your intended look.

Don't Let Your Socks Steal the Show Away From the Loafers

First, don't let your socks steal the thunder away from your loafers. Don't get us wrong - we love patterned dress socks, and we've seen some incredible pairings with loafers & eye-catching socks over the years.

But the best advice we can offer on how to wear loafers with socks is this: don't let your socks detract from what is supposed to be the star of the show - your loafers. The socks are simply there to add a bit of edge and complete your look while keeping your feet comfortable and odor-free.

When it comes to women wearing loafers with socks, the advice is much the same. If you're going for a sophisticated look, keep your socks subtle and do not let them overpower your outfit.

There May Be Instances Where You Want to Add Some Flair to Your Feet...

With that said - there are certainly instances where you want to add some extra flair to your feet. And we don't want you to feel restricted by the norms - it's your look, after all. Make it authentically yours.

You can be more creative with your style on more casual outings where you aren't as concerned with traditions - like a wedding, funeral, or other formal affairs. In these instances, a pair of bold-hued argyle socks work great. Or perhaps take advantage of flashy floral prints or geometric designs instead.

Above All Else, Stick With Quality

Finally, no matter what look you are going for when wearing loafers with socks, do yourself a favor and invest in quality shoes & accessories.

Nothing beats an outstanding quality leather loafer paired with superior-quality cashmere or premium cotton blend dress socks - this is how you can achieve that formal yet comfortable look you're going for.

And for that, you can look no further than Del Toro. Our men's Italian loafers and women's Italian loafers are among the finest footwear available online. In fact, it's been said that we offer the best luxury loafers online - and even the best Italian shoes in general! By pairing our handmade Italian shoes with the right luxury socks, you'll turn heads and score compliments in any setting.

Final Thoughts on Wearing Loafers With Socks

That concludes our complete guide to wearing loafers with socks. You've learned that not only can you wear loafers with socks - but this is the ideal approach. We've also taught you what socks to wear with loafers and provided tips on how to wear loafers with socks.

We hope you feel more confident in piecing your look together - no matter what the occasion is. Whether you’re wearing loafers to work in accordance with a casual dress code or you’re wearing dress loafers with a suit to a wedding - you know how your socks fit into the equation.

Just remember - all the styling tips & trendy outfit combinations in the world can't beat the basics. With luxury footwear by Del Toro, it doesn't matter how you wear it - you'll look amazing if you wear it confidently!

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