For our latest artist collaboration, we teamed up with L.A. based artist Alli Conrad to create a hand-painted limited edition Del Toro Chukka. Inspired by Alli's experience and method, these shoes draw from her original painting, Groovy Baby. Because they're hand-painted, each shoe is unique and will be individually signed by the artist. The result is a wearable work of art.

In addition, 25% of the the profit from the sale of these shoes will be donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. This will go towards finding more ways to alleviate suffering caused by mental illness.

The Del Toro x Alli Conrad "Groovy Baby" Chukka is available to you now.


Alli Conrad (b.1995) is a self-taught, Chinese American cosmopolitan artist and muralist currently residing in Los Angeles. She is a visual philosopher, specializing in contemporary modern art. Conrad has taken inspiration from several global cultures and cities such as Tzfat, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Her work is a melting pot of eastern and western traditions.