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Article: What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding for Men so You Look & Feel Your Best Walking Down the Aisle

What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding for Men

What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding for Men so You Look & Feel Your Best Walking Down the Aisle

You’re putting the finishing touches on your wedding day - you’ve got your suit picked out and your groomsmen lined up, and you’re already itching to get out to your bachelor party if you haven’t already.

But one thing is still up in the air - your footwear

What shoes to wear to a wedding for men matters more than you think. It directly influences how comfortable you feel throughout what is sure to be a long, stressful day on your feet. Perhaps more importantly, the shoes you wear will impact how you look back on your wedding day. You want to be remembered for your style and charisma - and the right shoes can help you do that.

That’s why today, we’re going to explain all the different types of shoes a man can choose from for their wedding day. We’ll then offer our personal recommendations as to which of these are best for you. And, the best part? All of these men’s wedding shoes are available right here at Del Toro. Your search for the perfect footwear ends here. 

Why Your Wedding Day Footwear Cannot be Overlooked

There are so many things weighing on your mind as your wedding day rapidly approaches. With your attention being pulled every which way, it’s easy to overlook the importance of your shoes - after all, these are just the finishing touch on your outfit. 

But that’s the point - your entire look is dependent on the shoes you choose! The right shoes can elevate your outfit and make you look polished and put-together, while the wrong shoes can make you look out of place and detract from the overall aesthetic of the event. 

Additionally, the right shoes will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day, as you will likely be on your feet for extended periods of time. Many grooms are on their feet from as early as 10 AM to as late as the next morning. You’ll be walking around greeting guests and thanking them for attending, and dancing the night away. 

Furthermore, choosing the right shoes can also convey a sense of respect and consideration for the formal setting and occasion. Wedding attire is traditionally quite formal, and choosing shoes that are appropriate for the occasion can demonstrate that you understand and respect the gravity of the event.

All of this is to say that choosing the best men’s wedding shoes is paramount to pulling off your look and remaining comfortable all day long. So, let’s discuss your options.

What are the Different Types of Shoes Men Can Choose for a Wedding?

So, knowing the gravity of the situation, what are the different wedding shoes you can choose from to complete your look? There are so many different options to choose from - below, we’ll highlight a few of the most popular:

  • Oxfords: These are a classic, versatile option for a groom. They are a type of dress shoe that has a closed lacing system, meaning the laces are sewn underneath the vamp. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather or suede, and come in a variety of colors. While they work just fine, they can be a bit boring and bland. Grooms with more personality and charisma should opt for something else.
  • Loafers: These are a more relaxed option for a groom, as they slip on and off easily. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather or suede, and come in a variety of colors. They’re definitely a bit more fun and exciting than typical oxfords - and are becoming more and more popular.
  • Velvet Slippers: The edgiest choice on this list, velvet slippers are a way to strut down the aisle showing off your style and charisma. The material is luxurious and sophisticated - offering an additional touch of class to your overall look. Perhaps most importantly, these are super comfy. You’ll feel light on your feet all day long.
  • Derbies: These are similar to Oxfords, but they have an open lacing system, meaning the laces are sewn on top of the vamp. They are a great option for a groom who wants a shoe that is a little more unique.
  • Monk Straps: They are dress shoes that have a buckle or a strap instead of laces. They are a stylish option for a groom who wants to add a little bit of edge to his outfit.
  • Boots: For a groom who wants to add a little bit of personality to his outfit, boots are a great option. There are several styles of boots that can be worn, such as Chelsea boots, Chukka boots, and dress boots.
  • Sneakers: A groom who wants to add a bit of casualness to his attire may choose to wear sneakers. They provide a comfortable option for a groom who wants to avoid the pain of standing for hours in dress shoes. With that said, these are typically seen as too casual for a groom to wear. If you take this approach, you’ll need to make sure you’re wearing the most luxurious Italian sneakers for men.

Factors Influencing What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding Men Should Choose

Now that you know the different shoes you can choose from, which are best for you? First, we must discuss a few key considerations to ponder when perusing the different options:

  • Formality of the event: The formality of the event is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing wedding day footwear. For formal events such as black-tie or white-tie weddings, traditional dress shoes such as Oxfords, loafers, or velvet slippers would be appropriate. For less formal events such as a beach wedding or a rustic barn wedding, more casual shoes such as sneakers or boots would be suitable.
  • Weather: The weather on the wedding day can also influence the choice of shoes. For outdoor events, it's important to consider the likelihood of rain, mud, or other environmental factors that could make certain types of shoes impractical. Rain or shine, closed-toe shoes are always a safer choice for grooms. 
  • Personal style: The groom's personal style is also an important consideration when choosing wedding day footwear. A groom who prefers a more traditional look might choose Oxfords or loafers, while a groom who wants to add a touch of personality to his outfit might choose velvet slippers or boots. Loafers are a great choice for grooms who fall somewhere in between these extremes.
  • Color and material: A groom's shoes should match or complement the color of the suit and should be made of the same or similar material. This keeps your look cohesive and congruent. With that said, contrast can work - it’s just a bit more complex and harder to pull off.

So, What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding for Men are Best?

So, what shoes to wear to a wedding for men are best? This will be influenced by a few factors, as we mentioned earlier. For one, the wedding style itself will influence your shoe choice. So too will your personal style. If you have a traditional catholic wedding, sneakers won’t cut it - stick with something more sophisticated like loafers. Similarly, if you like to fly under the radar - you might prefer a more basic shoe choice like typical men’s Italian dress shoes

Of course, certain styles are better suited for different venues and times of the year. Boots might be a bit much for an outdoor summer wedding, for example. On the other hand, slippers might leave your ankles and feet a bit chilly during cold winter months if your wedding is outdoors. 

Our Advice? Go With Loafers or Slippers & Leave a Lasting Impression on All Your Guests!

So, after weighing everything above, there are two types of footwear in particular that we recommend to any groom. And those are men’s velvet slippers and Italian loafers for men. Why? Simple - you’ll leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

There’s nothing quite like the look of luxury Italian loafers when paired with the right suit. We even wrote a full guide on wearing loafers with a suit for this reason. Your ensemble will be a masterpiece when you piece everything together. And, the same is true of wearing loafers with a tuxedo. Something about the sleek design and leather/suede materials just pops off your feet.

However, if you really want to stand out and add some flair and charisma to your look - stick with slippers. These are as elegant as it gets, with a fine velvet material that commands attention as you walk towards the altar. There’s never a bad time when to wear velvet slippers - including your wedding day.

Not sure which is better for you - loafers vs slippers? We have an article breaking down the differences to help you decide. But frankly, you can’t go wrong with either one. It’s really just personal preference along with what will mesh best with your unique wedding theme and style.

Looking for Luxury Wedding Shoes for Men Online?

At Del Toro, we’ve been honored to play a small role in countless weddings. Whether you ultimately decide to go with Italian loafers, velvet slippers, sneakers - or any other type of luxury Italian footwear we offer - you’ll know you made the right choice as you’re scoring compliments all evening long.

We can work with your entire wedding group to create footwear that enhances your big day. Customizing your shoes to commemorate the special event is easy, too. Whether you want to add a family crest to celebrate the union, the date, or your new family name - we can help you navigate the personalization process with ease. Email us at to discuss wedding ideas, bulk discounts, formal accessories, and customization options.

You can also grab any necessary accessories to match your look - whether you need a tie or some suspenders, or even a pocket square. You can count on Del Toro to add that extra edge to your wedding to leave memories engrained in all guests who are fortunate enough to attend.

Final Thoughts on What Shoes to Wear to a Wedding for Men 

Hopefully, you know now what shoes to wear to a wedding for men - we’ve covered all your options and explained which ones we believe are the premier choice for the modern groom. You can’t go wrong with loafers or slippers - they are classy and stylish, a great break from the traditional dress shoes you’re used to seeing or wearing.

Want to learn more about your wedding-day shoes? We have an article on how to break in wedding shoes that is a must-read - you’ll thank us later.

Still need help choosing the right shoes for your big day? Not sure which specific style will pair best with your suit? Our article on how to choose wedding shoes is a great resource. And if that doesn’t help, we’re here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out - we can’t wait to assist you in bringing your dream wedding to life.

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