Are you wondering how should loafers fit? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This is one of the most classic footwear styles for both men and women. Loafers are versatile and stunning in any setting. 

But - if they don’t fit right, you’ll end up disappointed and they’ll make their way to the back of your closet, never to see the light of day. Or, you’ll end up dealing with hassles as you have to exchange your pair for a different size. We’re here to eliminate either of these occurrences and ensure you get the perfect pair of loafers the first time around.

At Del Toro, we’re passionate about making the best loafers for men and women alike. But, we’re even more passionate about the way you feel in them. So - to help you feel comfortable and stylish, we’ve put together everything you need to know about how loafers should fit below.

First, let’s discuss the importance of proper fit.

The Importance of Proper Fit: Why Loafer Sizing Cannot be Overlooked

In the era of online shopping, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on anything this world has to offer - and Italian loafers are no exception. However, with this added convenience comes a few drawbacks. First and foremost, you’re unable to try the shoes on in person before pulling the trigger. You’re forced to make your best bet on which size is right for you. And if you guess wrong? You’ll have to jump through hoops to exchange your shoes for the right size.

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy peace of mind as you hit the “place order” button knowing you’re getting the right size the first time around? You won’t have to stress about all that. 

And perhaps more importantly, you won’t harm your feet with loose or tight loafers - either of which can contribute to blisters. Maybe you’re buying loafers for an upcoming wedding. Or, maybe you want these to be your daily go-to for work. Either way, you’ll be on your feet a lot - and thus, proper fit is of the utmost importance. 

So - read on below to discover how loafers should fit. 

How Should Loafers Fit?

We have a complete guide on Italian shoe sizing in general - which is the category our loafers fall under. But because these are such unique footwear, we figured it was time to address the sizing of loafers specifically once and for all.

In general, your shoes should fit you snugly - not too tight, not too loose. Your toes should have room to breathe and move around a bit. You shouldn’t feel restricted at all. But, you shouldn’t feel as if you have excessive movement in the toe box or the rest of the shoe either.

As you can see, there is a fine line between a perfect fit and too big or small. So - we’ll guide you through a few common questions our customers ask when trying to find the right size below:

How Much Room Should You Have in Loafers?

You should have enough room in the toe box to wiggle your toes comfortably, but not so much that your foot is sliding around inside the shoe. The heel should fit snugly, with minimal slipping. It's important to note that the fit of loafers can vary depending on the style and brand, so it's always best to try them on and walk around in them to ensure a proper fit.

It's also worth noting that leather loafers will generally stretch and mold to your feet over time, so a snug fit when trying them on is generally ideal as it will allow the shoe to conform to your foot shape.

Are Loafers Supposed to be Snug?

You may try your new loafers on and feel as if there is no room for your toes to breathe. But is this by design - should loafers be snug? Only to a certain point. 

As mentioned earlier, you need to be able to wiggle your toes within the toe box. If not, you aren’t just going to be uncomfortable when you wear your shoes. But, the long-term implications can be more serious. You may experience issues with balance and posture as a result of your toes being forced inward over the course of time.

All of this is to say your loafers should be snug - not restrictive. There’s a fine line between the two, as excessively loose loafers are a problem in their own right…

What to do if Loafers are a Little Loose

Picture this - you’ve worn your loafers for a while now and while they originally fit just fine, they’ve become a bit loose with time. Is all hope lost? Are you stuck buying a new pair, or can you do anything to make these loafers fit a bit better in the meantime? We’ve got a few tips you can try:

  • Use orthopedic insoles: Inserting an insole into your shoe can help to fill up any extra space, making the shoe fit snugger. You can also opt for a thicker insole if your shoes are too big.
  • Use heel liners or heel grips: These inserts can help to keep your heel in place, preventing slipping.
  • Use shoe inserts: shoe inserts such as toe fillers or ball of foot pads can help to fill up empty space at the toe box, making the shoe feel more secure.
  • Lace them up tightly: If your loafers have laces, make sure to lace them up tightly to keep your foot secure in the shoe.
  • Wear thicker socks: Do you wear socks with loafers? Usually, yes. Not only will this fill up room in the loafers, but it can help you feel more comfortable as you’re protecting your skin from painful rubbing that causes blisters or bunyons. 

Should I Go a Size Down in Loafers?

You may have heard somewhere that loafers run big. So - should you size down by default? No - not necessarily. Every brand is different, and what you may have heard recommended by someone who bought one pair of loafers won’t hold true for all types of loafers. 

With that said, that may be the case for you - the only way to know for sure what size you should get is to consult the specific size guide with the brand in question.

For example - at Del Toro loafers, we actually do recommend you size down on your normal shoe size in some cases. If you’re a 10.5 in your normal Adidas, you will want a 9.5 in our Italian loafers. We make it easy to get the right size with your intuitive sizing wizard. 

You can navigate to any of our product pages and click “what size am I?”. You’ll be asked to choose a show brand you wear regularly and tell us your size. We’ll also ask about your foot type - normal or wide. Then, we’ll offer a personalized recommendation accordingly.

Ready to Get the Perfect Loafer Size at Del Toro?

Hopefully, the advice above cleared up the concern and uncertainty you felt about loafer sizing. How should loafers fit? In summary, they should be snug - not too tight, not too loose. If you’re not entirely sure what size is right for you, just take our personalized size quiz. Or, reach out and we'll help you get set up with the right size.

At this point, it’s no longer a question of “what loafer size is right for me?”, but rather, “which specific pair of loafers am I leaving here with today?”. Del Toro is your trusted source for all things Italian shoes handmade

We honor the classic traditions of Italian shoe making, and our footwear is still made right in the heart of Italy. We use the best materials possible to ensure you don’t just look good - you feel good. We’re proud to be known for making the best Italian shoes - and after that first wear, you’ll see why our customers keep coming back for more. 

There are so many stunning styles on our website to choose from - whether you want something simple and subtle or something that will have you standing out among a sea of people.

And if you want to learn more about wearing loafers, we have more great resources in our blog. Check out our articles on how to style loafers, are loafers dress shoes, how to wear loafers with jeans, and wearing loafers to work. You can also learn how to care of leather shoes

Otherwise, it’s time to head over to our site and explore the full range of men’s Italian loafers or women’s Italian loafers we have to offer. You won’t regret going with Del Toro.